CVBH operates a Jail Services program in Burke, Catawba and Lincoln Counties. The Jail Services Program provides behavioral health assessments and substance use treatment services in the Burke, Lincoln and Catawba County jails. The voluntary treatment is based on a nationally recognized structured integrated mental health and substance use curriculum. Program staff also provide follow-up with inmates after their release. Follow-up includes providing transportation to mental health and/or substance use treatment appointments as well as linkage to other resources in the community to promote successful community reintegration. Some inmates in the program may be eligible to receive pretrial community long-term residential treatment while waiting to return for their court date when they will be sentenced.

The overall goals of the Jail Services Program are to (1) decrease mental health and substance use symptoms of individuals during incarceration, and (2) decrease the rate of recidivism for persons participating in the treatment program.

Contact the Jail Services Coordinator at (828) 695–5944