I am so glad that my son was placed in a program that was beyond my expectations.  Life Skills personnel are very caring.  The time of the day that my son is at the program, I am sure he is in the best hands.  He loves the program so much, that even on the weekends he wants to be there.  He has learned a lot while at the program.  Thank you so much for your love towards my son.

Life Skills provides the best service for our son. The staff is very loving and caring.  J. learns skills that are needed in everyday living from self help to cleaning up after himself to money management. The program has made a great difference in our quality of life. Without this day program for J.  I would not have been able to maintain my job. A BIG THANK YOU to all the staff at Life Skills. Parents of JC

JW was one of two clients to attend Life Skills which started in the mid 80’s.  J. loves going to Life Skills and would go on weekends if possible.  She really loves her teacher Roberta and the other teachers.  J. has really come out of her shell under the leadership of Roberta.  J’s favorite words are “What are we gonna do now?”  J. has gone from just a few words to a full conversation.  She is a very happy adult.  J. also mentions another teacher Annette and has a good bond with the class.

We looked at several places before choosing Life Skills.  I saw that it was clean, the people were nice and thought that this was a place D. could be doing things with other people and learn to do more for himself.  Stacy, his classroom staff, is good to him and he loves to “jam” with James, his bus driver.  Beje answers all my questions.  D. is having fun and passing goals.  We think Life Skills is terrific.

Life Skills has greatly enriched K’s life.  She looks forward to going to school each day.  The staff is above average and cares about her needs.  The activities are well planned and she loves participating.  The friends she has made are priceless to her life.  A terrific program!

AG loves Life Skills.  He has learned so much.  I am proud of how far he has come.  I am thankful for all the help from Life Skills.

I appreciate all the staff at Life Skills and the things they do for C.  I feel so good about bringing her each day.  I trust leaving her in good hands each day.  Thank you for all your caring acts of love.

CVBH is a wonderful place for our son T. to go.  He is a happy son, when he comes home every day.  Since being at CVBH, he has learned a lot about doing different things.  We as parents are very blessed to have a program like CVBH for our son.  He loves his teachers and all the things they do together.

This program has given mom some free time and has given my daughter a sense of independence.  She loves feeling that she has a place to go to be able to mingle with others and learn new things.  She has a great worker who takes very good care of her, I fell that she is in good hands.

Life Skills is amazing!  M. feels so special going to school every day and interacting with her friends.  Life Skills allows her to be “independent” and an adult to the best of her abilities.  Every morning she looks for her bus and is disappointed when it is Saturday and there is no bus!