Mobile Crisis Services are interventions provided in response to a crisis in order to reduce the acute symptoms which relate to behavioral health emergency and to prevent admission of an individual to a hospital or other restrictive environment.

Telephone crisis support and mobile response is offered for work, home, school, and community.

Community mobile response is available 24 hours.

Mobile crisis management is an assessment, intervention and crisis prevention service available 24/7/365 which must be delivered “in the least restrictive environment”, and the response must be mobile.

  • Individual is suspected of having a mental health, intellectual developmental disability or substance use disorder
  • Individual is identified as being in crisis and in need of an immediate mental health/substance use evaluation
  • Individual does not have adequate support/skills to manage the crisis
  • Individual is willing to participate in an evaluation or there are safety concerns which may warrant a petition for involuntary commitment

To request services call (888) 235-4673.  Partners Behavioral Health Management Access to Care will need the following information:

  • Name of person calling for the request
  • Phone number of caller
  • Name of the consumer
  • Date of birth of the consumer
  • Current location of consumer
  • Number to reach individual who made the referral/consumer
  • Brief reason for the referral (substance abuse referral, concern for suicide, recent overdose etc.)

First Responder Responsibility

The service definition for Mobile Crisis Management includes requirements around providers responding to individuals in crisis. The mobile crisis management service definition states the following: Mobile Crisis management is a direct and periodic service that is available at all times, 24/7/365. It is a “second level” service, in that other services should be billed before Crisis Management, as appropriate and if there is a choice. MCM staff will user the consumer’s First Responder in an effort to serve the consumer in the least restrictive manner and connect them to persons who have an established helping and trusting relationship. MCM staff will become involved and serve a consumer when appropriate after all resources have been applied by the First Responder.  If you are currently receiving services contact your provider.