10th Anniversary, CVBH, 2005 to 2015

Peer Support

Peer Support at CVBH is a partnership where certified staff or volunteers, who are in the process of their own recovery, assist people with mental health and/or substance abuse issues to identify, obtain, and achieve life goals as part of their own recovery process. Peer Support services may help those who:

  • Are in crisis and need additional support
  • Need support between therapy and physician appointments to work through difficult feelings, thoughts, and changes in their life
  • Want to connect with other agencies and community resources which may be helpful to their recovery
  • Are needing assistance with improving personal needs such as housing, food, healthcare, recreation, bereavement or occupational issues

Certified Peer Support Specialists (PSS) promote empowerment as well as self-determination through non-judgmental listening and person-centered goal setting. Please contact Peer Support Services in Hickory or Morganton by calling (828) 695-5900.